The Chakata Project comprises a 62km2 exploration licence.
Located just 5km south along strike from the Lega Dembi and Sakaro mines, covering the same north-south trending thrust fault that hosts these significant deposits.

Historical works (trenching/access tracks for drilling) evident in satellite imagery along strike for the length of the tenement (9km, red outline). Coincident with Megado’s remote sensing spectral anomalies (green outlines).

Historic work completed by previous owners includes:

  • Geophysics, geochemical sampling (soil, stream sediment and rock chips) and geological mapping;
  • Trenching and drilling programs

Megado spectral target appears to be source location for significant downstream geochemical anomalies (4km strike length).

Gold mineralised drill intercepts and high priority drilling targets delineated from trenching and surface sampling never followed up.

All historial data is in the process of being collated and digitised.

Chakata license (yellow outline), 5km south of Sakaro and Lega Dembi Gold Mines – on the same structure.  Spectral targets (green) overlap with historical surface works (red outline)

Historic Data Compilation

Three previous owners conducted sporadic work from 1980’s to early 2000’s. The last owner of the tenure was MIDROC, which at the time was operating the Lega Dembi mine and drilling out Sakaro deposit.

Geophysics identifies the same major structure that is host to Lega Dembi/Sakaro runs through Chakata with 9km of strike length.

Significant surface geochemical sampling (rock, soil), geophysics, trenching in the southern part of Chakata, although limited drilling.

Three high priority targets at Chakata were identified by MIDROC which have same signature as Sakaro (image right) – overlaps spectral target.

“Granodiorite Target” has a trench results of:

  • 25m @ 2.57g/t Au (within 47m @ 1.55g/t Au)

Importantly, this trenching is coincident with Megado’s spectral target AND the shear zone that hosts Sakaro, on a similar local flexure.

Drilling beneath this trench was planned, but never conducted.  The main shear zone that hosts Sakaro and mineralised trenches remain untested by drilling.

Limited historic drilling elsewhere within the tenement (north, and west) includes intercepts of: 2m @ 11.15g/t Au; and 0.6m @ 6.47g/t Au.

Final compilation of historical works is underway and pending.

Major structures/shear zones, with local flexure.  Direct link to Sakaro (L) & Lega Dembi (R).

Images right (top) Chakata license with inset (lower) showing the degree of surface works in the southern portion of Chakata.