Babicho is a 132km2 exploration licence covering the same prospective north-south trending greenstone belt that hosts the Lega Dembi and Sakaro mines (50km to the south).

Field work by Megado geologists at Babicho confirmed strong evidence of artisanal workings and indications of significant occurrences of alluvial and hard rock gold as part of a major north-south trending shear zone (with outcropping gold-bearing quartz veins).

Previous historic work completed includes:

  • Geophysics, geochemical sampling (soil, stream sediment and rock chips) and geological mapping;
  • Pits / trenching (+1km of trenching), preliminary drilling program (4 holes for 635m)

Remote sensing work by Megado has identified significant spectral anomalies on the Babicho licence coincident with widespread surface gold mineralisation, implying the extensive spectral anomalies and alteration footprints are indicative of gold mineralisation.

These alteration anomalies have had minimal modern exploration techniques applied and allow for Megado to expeditiously conduct high value-add exploration for minimal cost.

Map showing Adola Gold Belt projects

Historic Data Compilation

Extended historical data review by Megado has further uncovered significant previous works done at Babicho.

Megado is in the process of overlaying all datasets to help target most prospective areas for rapid follow-up work programs – value-adding, cost-effective exploration.

Highlights of the last modern exploration program completed in late 1990s include:

  • Multiple shear zones identified (by mapping and geophysics) – km’s long.
  • 2km strike length gold-in-soil anomaly (>30ppb Au, with peak >1,000ppb Au)
    • Additional gold-in-soil anomalies along strike and on parallel shear zones
    • Gold-in-soil anomaly coincident with spectral targets and shear zone
  • Trenching: 10m @ 3.5g/t Au; 1m @ 35.3g/t Au; and 22m @ 0.87g/t Au
  • Drilling: 4m @ 2.92g/t Au; and 1m @ 6.5g/t Au

Two major shear zones within Babicho represent over 17km combined strike length, with co-incident surface gold mineralisation and geophysical anomalism.

North-south trending shear zones are typical hosts to significant gold mineralisation in the Adola Gold Belt.

Historic work is a significant value-add to Megado, equivalent of multi-million dollar first pass exploration works previously completed.

BLEG Soil geochemistry Au contour map, with trenching and drilling locations. Babicho tenement in red outline. Purple outlines Megado spectral anomalies